Find out about child sexual grooming through R.AGE’s Predator In My Phone series and mini-episodes.


Predator In My Phone | Ep. 1: CONTACT

Our journalists spent six months posing as underage girls on mobile chat apps, to see if any child sex predators would take the bait.

Predator In My Phone | Ep. 2: CONFESSION

Our undercover journalist meets up with K-Boy again, and this time, he takes his sexual advances to the next level.

Predator In My Phone | Ep. 3: CONTROL

Sex predators today are luring victims using chat apps, according to Malaysian police statistics. R.AGE journalists encountered several of these men after posing as 15-year-olds online.

Predator In My Phone | Ep. 4: CONFLICTED

Victims of sexual abuse have been stepping forward to tell us their stories since the launch of Predator In My Phone.

Dating A Predator: "K-Boy"

We codenamed this man “K-Boy”. He added our undercover journalist – posing as an underage girl – on WeChat. He was the perfect gentleman, until he decided to book a hotel room for our first meet-up.

Dating A Predator: "Househusband"

Our cover is almost blown when this child sexual groomer insisted on following our undercover journalist home.

Dating A Predator: "The Teacher"

Our undercover journalist, disguised as a 15-year-old, meets a child sex predator who got in touch with her on WeChat. Doesn’t take long for him to ask her to go with him to a hotel room.

Dating A Predator: "Fotoman"

“If you don’t want to have sex, we can do ‘light light’ only,” the sex predator said to a R.AGE journalist he believes to be 15 years old.

Survivor Stories: I was sexually abused by a religious blogger

Ann was groomed and sexually abused by a popular religious blogger she admired, yet somehow, she found herself being blamed for it.

Survivor Stories: My family sent me to a shelter after I was raped

Diyanah (not her real name) believed that even though she was underage, it was her fault for consenting to sex with the older men who groomed her online.

Survivor Stories: I was sexually groomed and raped at 15

At 15, Lisa befriended a man twice her age, and was soon sharing her personal problems with him. Taking advantage of her vulnerability, he sexually groomed her for months and raped her. After her parents found out what happened, they sent her to live with distant relatives where she was tightily supervised.

Survivor Stories: I was a male victim of sexual abuse

“Dan” was sexually abused as a teenager, but it took him almost two decades to speak up about it.

Lisa Surihani breaks down after interview with child rape survivor

Sara was a victim of child sexual grooming, which led to her being raped twice – once when she was 12, and again recently, when she was 14. She got pregnant with the second rapist’s child, carried the baby and gave it up for adoption.

Survivor Stories: Sexually abused by men she met online since 14

Amy was 14 when she was approached by men online who asked her for sexual favours. She was also sexually groomed online and raped by an older man whom she trusted.

Marina Mahathir's Public Service Announcement #MPsAgainstPredators

Marina Mahathir reading out ACTUAL text messages from child sexual groomers.

Marianne Tan's Public Service Announcement #MPsAgainstPredators

Ola Bola star Marianne Tan reads out ACTUAL chat messages we received from child sex groomers.

Jenn Chia's Public Service Announcement #MPsAgainstPredators

YouTuber Jenn Chia reads out actual messages from online sex predators.

Lisa Surihani's Public Service Announcement #MPsAgainstPredators

Lisa Surihani reads ACTUAL chat messages we received from child sexual predators. Now, she’s on a personal mission to end child sexual grooming. WARNING: Content may not be suitable for young children.

Pandelela Rinong's Public Service Announcement #MPsAgainstPredators

Pandelela Rinong_Official reads out actual messages from online sex predators.

Ahmad Idhzam Omar's Public Service Announcement #MPsAgainstPredators

Ahmad Izham Omar, Chairman of Communications & Multimedia Content Forum (CMCF) is disgusted as he reads actual text messages sent by an online sexual predator to our undercover journalist posing as a 15-year-old.

Lisa Surihani quizzes Datuk Seri Rohani about child protection in Malaysia

The popular actress steps up her quest to combat child sexual crimes by speaking to Malaysian Minister Datuk Seri Rohani Abdul Karim, who revealed that she is considering chemical castration for child sex predators.

Latest updates on Predator In My Phone

We’ve come a long way since launching Predator In My Phone in June 2016, and the MPs Against Predators campaign in October. Actress Lisa Surihani takes the fight for better child protection laws into her own hands, and Datuk Seri Azalina Othman Said shares the latest updates on the proposed Child Sexual Crimes Bill.

The R.AGE team calls Members of Parliament

With two weeks left to the next Parliament session, the R.AGE team spends half a day calling up Members of Parliament, asking them to support new laws against child sexual crimes. According to our sources, a new bill will be tabled near the end of the Parliament session, and we need at least half of the 222 MPs to support the bill for it to be passed into law. At the moment, around 60 MPs who have pledged their support.

Malaysia to have new laws against child sexual crimes

After two epic days in Parliament, we finally witnessed the passing of the Sexual Offences Against Children Bill. Congratulations, Malaysia. We did it.

Star Media Group unites to lobby Members of Parliament

Here’s how we managed to get 115 Members of Parliament to support our campaign – by getting help from The Star Online,, The Star TV and mStar Online. The Sexual Offences against Children Bill 2017 was passed in April 2017!

Six things about the Sexual Offences Against Children Bill

After close to a year since we launched Predator In My Phone, we finally have in our hands the Sexual Offences Against Children Bill! Here are SIX things you need to know about the Bill.

Malaysian MPs unite against child sexual crimes